Catch up with First grade!

Hello Parents and Friends,

It’s been a very busy year for us here in Room 101! We have been working hard and having a whole lot of fun!


We are picking up the pace to complete lesson’s in our Journey’s curriculum, and discovering how the world works around us!

I encourage everyone to be reading and writing with their student every night at home, and utilizing websites such and

We are working to build our basic math skills in preparation for second grade. Please practice money, addition, subtraction, time, and measuring skills as much as possible throughout the day!

Best wishes,
Ms. Watson

Third Grade Language Arts

3 grade

Hello Third Grade Parents!

Welcome to our Language Arts Blog! This year has been going wonderfully so far and we have already accomplished so much! Hopefully, 2015 will have even more in store for us!
We have been continuing our reading of The Brother’s Grimm Tales, and exploring the genre of fairy tales! We are also preparing for our OAA testing, which will take place this spring. These tests are approaching quickly, so please, continue preparing with your students at home daily.

Recently, FIA was lucky enough to receive dictionaries from the Lion’s Club here in Akron. Vocabulary is a very important factor in our reading comprehension, please be encouraging your students to use their dictionary!

FIA Third Graders receiving their dictionaries from the Lion's Club!

FIA Third Graders receiving their dictionaries from the Lion’s Club!






Center Time!!

Hello Parents!!!!


We have getting into our routine incorporating math, social studies, language arts, and science into our centers daily!

This is a wonderful time for students to work independently and improve their meta-cognition (thinking about their thinking!!). Please enjoy some pictures of recent activities we have mastered!