Faith Islamic Academy

About Us

Vision Statement

Faith Islamic Academy’s vision is to seek the pleasure of Allah (God) through instilling the principles and values of Islam into the hearts and practices of its students, so they become positive role models in their societies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the community of Faith Islamic Academy is to provide our students with an Islamic academic environment in which they can grow and learn as whole individuals intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. This environment will help each of our students develop a strong Islamic character, knowledge of Islam and dignity in his or her identity as a Muslim. At the same time, it will offer our students the ultimate in academic excellence, so that they are prepared to meet the challenges of modern day life, and well equipped to take an active and positive role in the world in which they live.


The community of Faith Islamic Academy subscribes to the principles of Islam, including a genuine belief in the paramount importance of the dignity, worth and personal responsibility of all individuals. The basic purpose of Islamic education in America is to improve this society through application of Allah’s (God’s) instructions and Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) practices and values. In keeping with the aforementioned precepts, Islamic education maintains the mission of providing for the fullest possible development of each participant’s potential and talents so that they participate effectively in the cultural, social and economic life of this society.

The community of Faith Islamic Academy acknowledges that each student is different in terms of his or her educational needs and desires. Therefore, he/she should be dealt with on an individualized basis. Programs are designed and differentiated to serve this diversity.

Participation in meaningful Islamic education programs will elicit Islamic behavior and attitudes. Participation in Islamic educational programs will effectively aid students in strengthening a humble self-image, creating positive attitude, and developing a host of skills needed to excel in today’s highly complex and technical society.

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