Faith Islamic Academy

Tuition & Registration

Application Fees: $100 per child. This fee is non-refundable, and will NOT be applied towards the tuition. It is to be paid with the application. Please consider that we have few available seats in every class. The school is adhering to a first-come, first–serve policy. Education costs for each child are more than $5,000 per year. ISAK is currently subsidizing the tuition. However, we encourage parents to pay more, so as to maximize the benefit to the community. Minimum annual tuition fee for the students, including the use of textbooks, can be found in the application linked below:


Click on the following links to download the New Student Registration Checklist, Application, and Registration Packet:

2016-2017 FIA New Student Registration Checklist

2017-2018 FIA New Student Application

2016-2017 FIA New Student Registration Information Packet


ISAK Membership fee is due by December 15, 2017 in order for ISAK to issue identification cards.

Children of school employees will have a 50% discount on the 1st child and a 25% on each subsequent child.

Payment Schedule:

  • Annually: in August
  • Semi- annually: In August and January
  • Three quarterly payments: in August, November and February
  • Ten monthly installments: August through May

Click here to download the Records Release Form. Please fill this form out and send it to your child’s previous school to request their records be sent to Faith Islamic Academy.